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                                                                  What is your body telling you?

    Are you breaking down your body’s natural state of resistance with stress overload, excess weight,                                                                            smoking or other addictions?

                                                 What have you been struggling with or ignoring?

   Do you lack confidence or self-worth? Do you wish your life were somehow different? Better? Happier?

Integrative healing arts is the process of bringing together a variety of holistic practices geared toward promoting long-term health and well-being in a personalized and effective manner. These methods allow us to uncover the real reason you're struggling and eliminate behaviors that have curtailed your attempts in the past. Techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching & Transpersonal psychology effectively promote long-lasting change in a natural, mindful and benign manner with no side-effects or conflicts to your current life, and actually do most of the work for you.

In addition to Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, other techniques such as EFT (tapping), auriculotherapy and aromatherapy are used on a case-by-case basis to enhance the progress of the client and provide useful tools that can be used in and out of session.

Pinnacle Transformations is dedicated to your success; working to restore balance and harmony to your life, and free you from your struggles. Whether it’s weight loss, habits/compulsions, stress, addictive behaviors, or a lack of joy and fulfillment in your life, these highly effective techniques can truly set you free; allowing you to move confidently toward your goals, whatever they may be.

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