A dynamic new weight-loss program for lasting success

Imagine being able to control your appetite and eating habits naturally without feeling deprived.

Imagine being able to wear the clothes you love.

Imagine being filled with vital energy, motivation, confidence & self-esteem; knowing that you are overcoming all of your weight challenges and ridding yourself of excess fat each and every day.

GET A GRIP is a powerful new program focused on permanently gaining control of your weight using a combination of Weight Loss Coaching and Transformative Hypnotherapy to:

  • Permanently change your thoughts & habits around food & nutrition​

  • Align body & mind to “think thin”​

  • Exhibit self-control automatically without feelings of deprivation​

  • Build lasting self-esteem, confidence & motivation​

  • Drop the weight, and live consciously as a thin, healthy, happy person from this day forward

Diet Apples

It’s no secret that weight-loss coaching is one of the most powerful techniques to get you on track and move you toward your goals. In fact most long-term, effective programs now use coaching in their plan to keep their clients motivated, inspired, and yes; accountable.

Hypnosis on the other hand works with your mind’s own neurology, literally untangling your current habits by creating new, healthy neuro-patterns (habits) that you will automatically default to. This is referred to as “brain training,” and rewiring problematic thought networks is the ONLY way to elicit lasting change. We become what we think about, and hypnosis speeds up the weight loss process by allowing healthy suggestions to become permanently stored, building an awareness that automatically changes your response to triggers that cause overeating and poor food choices. Its success is also linked to the fact that it works like your own natural thought retention process; allowing thoughts to be stored in your subconscious while in a deep state of relaxation.

The two techniques together are a dynamic duo; covering all bases and implementing lasting change both consciously and within the depths of our minds. Unlike “big box” diets that focus on food (thereby causing you to think about food constantly), you instead are re-programmed to diminish thoughts about food, eat only when truly hungry, and automatically default to healthy food choices.

This 6 week intensive group program includes:

  • A solution-based, viable group coaching plan that includes realistic goals and weight release techniques

  • A 20-30 min group hypnosis session each week focused on re-wiring your neuro-programming (brain training), eliminating old patterns & food habits

  • Weekly tools and resources to maintain momentum in between sessions

  • Two free 30-minute, personal coaching calls in between sessions

  • Two free 30-minute personal coaching calls after completion of the program

  • Maintenance plan upon completing the program. This includes a free hypnosis recording and other useful tools to maintain momentum for the duration of your weight-loss journey, and beyond.

  • 6 weekly 2 hour sessions during which full-spectrum discussions elevate the group's goals and progress, diffuse challenges, acknowledge successes & review overall physical & emotional wellness to ensure optimum results.

Introductory Rate: $285 $245 per person!

(This includes 14 hours of weight-loss coaching and hypnotherapy, which at standard rates is valued at over $1000!)

START DATES: COMING BACK IN OCTOBER; Stay tuned for exact dates!

Online program is conducted via a virtual webinar platform & is interactive. Once registered you will receive instructions and a link to join the event.

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