Reach the Top


"I had been doing well with the weight coming off and I was starting to feel like I was plateauing or going back to my old habits. I also needed help with stop picking my scalp, it has been a bad habit that I felt I couldn’t stop on my own. Well I am happy to say that I haven’t picked for over a month now and feels so good. The tips you had given me about my affirmations on my weight loss and the sessions we had were so very helpful. I feel my mindset has changed for the better and I have a healthy outlook for my future. I believe that it is possible to reach my weight goals. I have lost around 1-2 lbs a week. Thank you so much!"

Sue P

"Meeting Felicia may be one of the most important introductions for my physical health ever, and I say that having worked with personal trainers, life coaches and health consultants to try to manage my weight and get to my healthiest self. Felicia was so kind, genuine and open that it made me feel instantly safe. That was important because a lot of my blocks to better choices were from my past and stemmed from some traumatic experiences. I am down 15 lbs as of this moment. No crazy diets. No starvation. No insane workouts. Just treating myself as the treasure I am."

Tamara S

"I started to see Felicia to help me finish what I started with my weight loss journey. Already accomplishing a lot on my own and losing 90 lbs, Felicia helped me recognize more of my success rather than dwell on the last 20 lbs that I wanted to lose. In addition to helping me get back on track on my journey, she gave me something so much more valuable...she helped me find my confidence. Since seeing Felicia, I've been successfully dating more which is something that I was always way too insecure to even really try. I've been going out of my comfort zone more and just enjoying my young adult life. I truly have never been happier and more confident in my own skin and I truly wouldn't  be in this position without Felicia's help and guidance." 

Amanda K