What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the voluntary practice of using positive thoughts and images in a suggestive format (guided imagery) while in a deeply relaxed state. This process allows us to clear our conscious minds and communicate directly to the subconscious, where all our memories, fears, and habits are stored. In this state, suggestibility is heightened and mental absorption is increased, thereby promoting a beneficial outcome. Lasting change is allowed to happen as a result of changing the connection we have with the issue. By re-programming our current thought patterns, we elicit change easily and effectively, and change is lasting as a result of altering the connection one has with the issue.

Will you take over my mind?

No one has the ability to control your mind, and while under hypnosis you will be in full control. Furthermore, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do while under hypnosis. This is something that really only happens during staged hypnosis shows for entertainment purposes, and the people being hypnotized are willing and ready to participate in the show, and go along with the agenda.

Am I asleep during the process?

No; in fact, most clients are completely aware of their surroundings and remember everything from the session. The process of hypnosis includes an induction, at which time I will guide you into a very calm, peaceful, relaxed state of being. By relaxing your mind and focusing on my words, you are clearing a path to the subconscious, which is where your ability to change lies. You may even be asked to answer questions or nod your head from time to time, and you will be perfectly aware and in control of what you are doing.

What if I don’t wake up?

This is not possible. There are occasions where a person may be in such a deep state of relaxation that they either do not wish to wake up, or are not ready to wake up, but usually if a client is not responding to my cues, I will snap my fingers or clap my hands, and they respond by waking.

Do people cry or become emotional during hypnosis?

It is unlikely, however if you do get emotional, it will pass quickly due to the flow of the imagery, and because you are so relaxed. If that should happen, I may place a tissue in your hand. Also, typically emotions will surface only if we are ready to release them, and this is a positive step toward healing.

How long will I be under hypnosis?

The sessions vary, but typically anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the client and the matter at hand.

Will the session be recorded or video-taped?

I will only record a session with written permission from you which clearly indicates for what purpose the session is being recorded. The session will also be held in strictest confidence unless otherwise required by law to disclose.

Is there touch involved in hypnosis?

I have a strict no-touch policy in my practice whereby while under hypnosis, the only touch you may feel is me handing you a tissue if warranted.

Is hypnosis guaranteed to work, and how long does it take to work?

While highly effective, hypnosis is not guaranteed and the outcome truly depends on the Client’s participation and willingness to change. I do not offer any guarantees, and have no control over what you may or may not do after treatment.  Hypnosis treatment can last anywhere from 3, to 7 or 8 sessions, however results are typically observed immediately. You will know that it is working based on subtle changes that begin to occur, and these changes will strengthen and become very noticeable throughout the course of treatment.