Make 2019 the Year of YOU

    If there were one thing you could change in your life today... what would it be?                                                

Pinnacle Transformations, LLC is a cutting edge integrative healing arts practice aimed at creating the changes you want in your life by literally reprogramming the neuro-communication patterns that have been built in your mind through years and years of habitual conditioning.

From weight loss to habit release, and behavior modification to creating a happy, fulfilling life; we are fully invested in your success. A unique combination of highly effective techniques such as hypnotherapy, life coaching, transpersonal   psychology and more are carefully selected based on your individual needs, ensuring that you receive the personalized care you deserve. Offering an array of services not only supports your personal growth and healing during sessions, but also provides you with a variety of tools and resources to continue that support outside of sessions, and beyond! 

             Executive Offices
           6 Way Rd, Suite 103                              203-200-8381
         Felicia Criscuolo, CHt, LC
       Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
  Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

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